Today on Off The 56, Courtney Solis and I are talking about the weather! Follow along below to learn all about the weather in San Diego County.

No Extreme Weather

San Diego has no extreme weather such as blizzards, hurricanes, or monsoons. In fact, it has only snowed in San Diego 5 times over the last 125 years of weather record-keeping! The last time it snowed was on February 14, 2008, and the last measurable snow was in December of 1967.


San Diego gets about 266 days of sunshine a year! Even in the winter months, if the temperature falls, the sun is typically still shining. The temperature does drop significantly in the evening, so be sure to keep a light jacket or sweatshirt on hand! San Diego has a coastal-desert kind of climate here, meaning we have very little, to no humidity. This is great during the warm summer months.

Month to Month

The hottest months in San Diego are typically August, September, and October. Because we are a coastal city, the marine layer affects our weather every season. If you live in Southern California you’ll quickly learn the phrases “May Grey” and “June Gloom”. The marina layer rolls in during these months and creates a gloomy, overcast layer across the coast. It usually burns off by the late afternoon, but it can get old for us spoiled San Diegans!

Coastal Living

Because San Diego County is pretty spread out, the temperature varies throughout the area. For example, if it is 70 degrees at the beach it is likely 5- 10 degrees warmer just 10 minutes inland. A good rule of thumb is the further inland, the warmer it will be.

The Pacific Ocean

If you grew up on the East Coast like Courtney and I, this one might come as a surprise- the Pacific Ocean is cold! Although people lay out in bathing suits year-round, don’t let that fool you! The ocean hovers around a refreshing 70 degrees in the heat of summer, so if you want to go swimming any other time, you’ll likely want a wet suit to stay warm.

Santa Ana Winds

This is when hot air comes in from the desert to the coast, rather from the coast, inland. This causes very hot weather and dry air. For many, it causes allergies, as the air picks up a lot of dirt and dust from the desert. Santa Ana winds can happen year-round, so when it happens in the summer it can get pretty hot, but in the winter,  it can be a nice little heat wave.

Did you learn something new about San Diego weather today? Let us know in the comments below! And as always, if you’re thinking of making the move to San Diego, feel free to reach out. Let’s get started on your move to Sunny Southern California! (858)737-5255

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