Today on Off The 56, Courtney Solis and I rank our top ten reasons to live in San Diego. We may be a little biased – we could go on and on about why it’s the best city! But we’ve narrowed it down to just the ten best reasons you should live in San Diego:

1. Weather

This might be the most obvious reason why people love San Diego- the weather. The weather here is very consistent, with the average temperature around 75 degrees year-round. The warmest months are September and October, where temperatures can increase about to the low 90’s. It is seldom humid, so it is never unbearably hot.

2. Family Friendly

San Diego County is very family friendly! In fact, we are located close to some of the top-rated family activities in the country. Including LEGOLAND, The San Diego Zoo, Belmont Park, The San Diego Safari Park, SeaWorld San Diego, Disneyland, and much more!

3. Schools

San Diego has some of the best public schools in California! We have eight school districts ranked in the top fifty in all of California, according to! Although there are also charter schools and private schools, we have great public options to take advantage of no matter where you live in San Diego. In fact, the five best school districts are spread out across the county! They are San Dieguito Union, Poway Unified, Coronado Unified, Carlsbad Unified, and San Marcos Unified

4. Traffic

When compared to other areas of California such as Los Angeles, or even the East Coast as Courtney mentions, San Diego traffic is significantly less congested. Although we do have traffic, it is fairly predictable during morning and afternoon rush hour, so it is somewhat avoidable. Our roadways are also constantly being updated and widened to make the best use of the space we have.

5. Location

San Diego is in an ideal location! (And we aren’t just saying that!) If you are someone who likes to get out and about, this is the city for you! San Diego is about a thirty minute drive from Mexico, two hours from Los Angeles, two and a half hours from the desert, and only five hours from Las Vegas. You can hop in your car and go just about anywhere!

6. Outdoor Activities

If you’ve spent any time in San Diego already, you’ve probably noticed how active people are. Thanks to our awesome year-round weather, people are constantly outside doing something. There are numerous places to go hiking, biking, surfing, swimming, golfing, and even enjoy some Canicross! And the best part is, you’re not limited to doing these activities just during the summer months. You can enjoy them year round

7. Job Market

San Diego is home to several large companies that provide a lot of jobs for our community, including Qualcomm, Intuit, and HP. We are also a great city to launch your small business! According to the United States Chamber of Commerce, San Diego is the fourth best place to launch a startup in the U.S! How cool is that

8. Food

We have a lot of locally owned restaurants as well as some large restaurant groups that always seem to be opening the next best eatery. Mexican and seafood is probably what we’re known for in San Diego, but you can find almost any cuisine you like thanks to sites like Eater and Yelp. And we often get the trendy food concepts coming down from LA and San Francisco. You can see all the food and drink establishments we’ve checked out on Off the 56 by clicking here

9. Beaches

This one should just go without saying. Our beaches are some of the best in the country, and for good reason! There are beaches for every kind of beach-goer including surfing beaches, beaches with parks for kids, dog beaches, and even a nudist beach. Yes, we’re serious about that last one – it’s called Black’s Beach!

10. Breweries

San Diego has over one hundred craft breweries! This puts us in the top three of the United States! Breweries are very popular here with many offering food trucks, live music, and even kid-friendly areas for the whole family to enjoy (even the four-legged family members). Stay tuned for a San Diego Brewery Tour from Off The 56!

Did our top ten reasons to live in San Diego convince you to make the move? Give me a call at (858) 737-5255 to get started! I would love to help you find your new home here in sunny San Diego!

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