Today on Off the 56, I’ll be talking all about what the job market is like in San Diego. If you’re making the move to San Diego and need help finding a home in the right neighborhood, contact me anytime!

Top Industries in San Diego

If you didn’t know already, San Diego’s top industry is the Military. The United States Navy is the largest employer in San Diego County. Other top industries in San Diego include tourism, international trade, and research and manufacturing.

Top Employers in San Diego

As for top employers in San Diego, UCSD comes in second behind the U.S. Navy with around 38,000 employees. UCSD is followed by Sharp Healthcare, the County of San Diego, San Diego Unified School District. and Scripps Healthcare. Other large employers to mention include Qualcomm, Intuit, and Kaiser Permanente.

Highest Paying Jobs in San Diego

If you’re curious about what the highest paying jobs in San Diego are you might be surprised! The highest paying job in San Diego is an Obstetrician, making just over $255,000 a year. Chief Executives are also at the top of the pay scale in San Diego, earning around $205,000 a year. A Natural Science Manager earns around $170,000 a year. Another high-paid and popular profession in San Diego is a Dentist, earning around $168,000 annually. Other well-paid jobs in San Diego include Marketing Managers and Lawyers.

Jobs Most Likely to Grow Over the Next 5 Years in San Diego

Engineers, Physician’s Assistants, and Physical Therapists all have growing demand here in San Diego County. If you work in these industries, you might want to keep an eye on the job market here over the next several years!

Top Entry Level Jobs in San Diego

For top entry-level jobs, Data Scientists made the list as well Engineers, Product Designers, and UX Designers.

Tech Moving to San Diego

There have been many rumors of major tech companies moving to San Diego! In fact, Apple is looking for their second office here and currently has over 119 job openings for engineer and designers. Click here for more information on jobs with Apple. Amazon also plans to hire an additional 200 workers at its San Diego Tech Hub. And they’re not just searching for delivery drivers! Click here for a current list of positions available at Amazon. If you’re interested in working in tech, definitely keep an eye on new offices opening in San Diego County.

That’s my overview of the job market in San Diego! Obviously, there are many more job opportunities and busy industries here that you may be interested in, so always keep an eye out for new and exciting opportunities. San Diego has great restaurants, breweries, and entertainment across the county like LEGOLAND, SeaWorld, and the San Diego Zoo!

I hope you enjoyed my blog and video about what the San Diego job market is like! Be sure to check back every week for more new videos and as always, if you’re moving to San Diego, reach out to me anytime.

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