If you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend you give the fitness classes at Rush Cycle Torrey Highlands a spin! Located just off the 56 at Camino Del Sur, Rush Cycle provides members with fun, exhilarating, and heart-pumping workouts in the form of indoor cycling classes. We recently met up with MJ Duggan, the lead instructor at Rush Cycle, to learn more their spin studio.

Spin classes have been gaining in popularity over the last few years because people love the group vibe, the music, and the results. Even though you’re just cycling, the “Rush Ride” is designed to give you a full-body workout to torch tons of calories in just forty-five minutes – making it easy to work a spin class into your busy schedule.

If you’re wondering why you should shell out for a special spin class instead of just using the exercise bike at the gym, I learned from MJ that the instructors take you through an exhilarating class that involves alternating sitting and standing, push-and-pull pedaling, and even a core working to help you build strength, lean out, and tone up. With the music and instructors pumping you up and cheering you on, you get an exceptional workout that most people won’t be able to do on their own.

And even though classes at Rush Cycle are intense (you don’t get any breaks!) people of all ages and fitness levels are invited to come and join the #RushFam. The instructors are expertly trained and will help you reach your fitness goals while making sure you’re having a blast in class. After meeting with MJ and trying it out for myself, it’s easy to see why people become spin class junkies.
Rush Cycle in Torrey Highlands is located at 7835 Highlands Village Place. If you’re new to Rush Cycle, they do offer a free first class that you can use to come try them out!

Click here to view their class schedule and if you’re ready to book, you can find their pricing here.

Know a new workout studio that’s opening Off the 56? Or got a lead for another business we should check out? Let us know!

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