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One Paseo New Developments

After nearly two solid years of progress on the coveted One Paseo development, Kilroy Realty has been busy carving out new and exciting spaces for locals to utilize. This massive 1.18 million square foot space perched across the street from the Del Mar Highlands Town Center is set to accommodate 237 residential units and 96,000 square feet of retail space. The development is set to generate 800 permanent jobs and creating millions of dollars of regional revenue for the local economy.  Check out this time-lapse of the development’s progress during 2017:

The One Paseo project is still in its first stage of a multi-stage project. Once it is completed, it will have a total of 280,000 square feet of office space and 608 modern apartment units. The San Diego Union Tribune speculated that the units will be available to rent in the $1,800/month range for 1-bedroom units based on 2016 speculations.  Kilroy is also determined to offer 61 affordable housing units for those San Diegans who earn less than 65% of the area’s median income.  The residential portion of development is slated to be completed in late 2019 with the first move-ins in early 2020.

If you thought 2017 had huge news, then you’re in for a treat.  Kilroy has been releasing news of new and exciting eateries in the first months of 2018 that will delight foodies, enticing them to come from far & wide to partake in the delectable cuisines.  Kilroy’s Nelson Ackerly says that the goal of the massive development of restaurants is to create “diverse dining experiences from fine-casual to an upscale experience – and everything in between.”  And that’s exactly what they’ve done.

One Paseo has released news of their inclusion of several amazing “fast-casual” chain style restaurants. The New York burger staple Shake Shack, the healthy-yet-delicious Parakeet Café, and the distinct and unique Tender Greens are all included thus far.  These eateries are all scheduled to open in the spring 2019 alongside other marvelous establishments such as the San Francisco-based International Smoke, the flavorful experience of Tocaya Organica, the California-Hawaiian hybrid of Sweetfin Poké and the scrumptious Seafood and Brunch brasserie that is Ways & Means Oyster House.

These myriad of restaurant options in the works are precisely the types of infrastructure that locals have been craving for years.  This will ultimately increase neighboring home values for surrounding areas and quality of life for all those who experience its impressive venues and public spaces.  Which restaurant are you most excited to experience at One Paseo? Let us know!

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