This may seem obvious, but I live and work Off the 56. As a local real estate agent, I am constantly running around the area checking out new and fun things to do in the community. I actually live in Torrey Highlands, which is pretty much right smack in the middle of the 56 freeway. Like most people, my family and I spend most of our time within a 5-10 miles radius of our house from Carmel Valley to Carmel Mountain.   I also like to keep up to date on projects or developments that may affect our quality of life. With that said, there are currently three projects in the works in Torrey Highlands & Rancho Penasquitos communities at various stages of development and I’d like to give you a quick update on all three. I know most of these projects have been quite controversial so I’d rather not get too much into what is right or wrong; rather I’d just like to pass on the information to you and you can use your best judgement:

  1. Merge 56 – This project has been approved unanimously by the PQ Planning Board as well as San Diego City Council. The project is located in Torrey Highlands on the south end of Camino Del Sur where the road dead-ends by the Circle K gas station and plans to begin construction this summer (2019). The project will consist of a retail village-style shopping center with restaurants, movie theatre, & fitness center. It will also consist of some office space as well as residential units including Single Family homes, condos and townhomes. This project will also connect Torrey Highlands to the Park Village neighborhood by extending Camino Del Sur through the canyon. Although the project has been greeted with mostly positive reviews from the community, the project will take away some of our beautiful canyons, which many of us use for mountain biking and hiking, not to mention the local wildlife. There is also a lawsuit against this project from a Labor Union. I’m told this will go to court in May and they are hopeful that it will get resolved. For more info check out the following link:
  2. Meridian Del Mar Mesa (Kilroy) – This will be another office building complex similar to the Intuit building. It will also be located next to the Intuit building and will encompass approximately 20 acres of land. This has also been approved by San Diego City Council. This project will not begin building until they secure a tenant, which can take some time.
  3. The Preserve (Cisterra) – This project is also looking to build another office building adjacent to the Merge 56 project. The difference here is this land is designated Commercial Limited, which means it should only be used for Religious Facilities, Storage, or Agricultural type businesses. This project has been unanimously rejected by the PQ Planning Board and is now trying to go directly to San Diego City Council for approval. Cisterra is trying to change our community plan and has ignored our communities’ concerns. To learn more and help fight against this project please check out

I will continue to update you all on these developments as I learn more.

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