Welcome back to Off the 56 in San Diego where we’re getting into the Halloween spirit! Today we’re going to talk about the most haunted places in San Diego!

First on our list is the Whaley House. The Whaley family came to San Diego in the 1800’s. Thomas Whaley was the head of the Whaley family. In San Diego, the family experienced a string of tragedies and a lot of death. As a result, their house in Old Town San Diego is said to be one of, if not the most haunted house, in the United States. The Whaley house is even on the National Registry of haunted houses, so it’s a museum you can go and walk around in, too.

One of the first ghosts ever spotted at the Whaley house was Yankee Jim, who was hanged in the house. Visitors have reported seeing several ghosts at the Whaley House, including Regis Philbin! He claims he saw a ghost and when he tried to shine a flashlight on it, it disappeared.

Over 100,000 people visit the Whaley house every year, making it a big San Diego tourist attraction. Be sure to check it out, especially around Halloween!

The next on our list is not an actual haunted house, but the house where the movie Paranormal Activity was filmed in San Diego about 5 minutes from where we live in Rancho Peñasquitos. The director of the movie got the idea because he found weird things happening in his house while he lived there. Fun fact: I actually almost bought this house back in 2015, not knowing it was the Paranormal Activity house! I’m glad I didn’t buy that house because I am terrified of ghosts!

Next on our list is the William Heath David House, which is the oldest structure in downtown San Diego. It’s said to be haunted as it was used as a hospital back in the Victorian times, and a lot of people died in there. Nothing better than a creepy, haunted hospital, right? About as scary as it gets! So now there’s a Victorian woman and a couple who appears in a gown and a suit. Maybe they’re dressed for a party? Ask them to join you for a cocktail!

Next up is the Old Point Loma Lighthouse in Point Loma. It’s over 200 years old, and it is known to be haunted. People have heard heavy footsteps throughout the lighthouse, as well as moaning and heavy breathing. There’s a discrepancy though over who the ghost might be. It could be the lighthouse’s last keeper, or it could be Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, the first Spanish explorer to visit the west coast of the United States. I kind of like the idea that it’s the old lighthouse keeper though – he’s probably a friendly ghost trying to protect the sailboats.

Next on the list is the Elfin Forest, a recreational reserve in the Escondido area. This one sounds super spooky because it’s a whole haunted forest! There’s this white witch myth, about a woman whose child and husband got murdered there, and now she haunts the woods trying to find them or the person who killed them. It’s a little Blair Witch Project kind of, so that’s super spooky – at night it would be really creepy! Some people also leave items out there like creepy masks, spooky stuff hanging from the trees, fake burials, and other weird stuff. A man claims he found ancient petroglyphs around his home, too.

Next on our list is the Horton Grand Hotel, which was built in 1870. It’s known to be haunted by its previous guests. Guests today have reported flicking lights, doors opening and closing, and hearing heavy footsteps. There are actually a couple haunted hotels in San Diego like the Grant Hotel. Again in 1870 – those 1850’s-1870’s were not good times here!

Last on our list is the Hotel Del Coronado. I don’t think these are ghost stories as these are real. The hotel opened in 1888 – again, spooky times in San Diego. The most famous ghost that haunts the hotel is Kate Morgan. She was a young woman who checked into the hotel and five days later, they found her on an exterior staircase of the hotel facing the beach with a gunshot wound to the head. They thought it was self-inflicted, but some people say it wasn’t. Her spirit still hangs around her room, 3327. I’ve heard they actually change the room numbers, so people don’t know what room it is. Sneaky and smart, Hotel Del! We want to wish everyone a Happy Halloween! Hopefully you enjoyed this tour of Haunted San Diego. If you guys are ever planning to move to San Diego, we’d love to help you find your next home! We promise it won’t be haunted (almost promise)!

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