Where should you live if you’re single in San Diego? We talk about families a lot on Off the 56 because we both have families here and both haven’t been single in quite a while, so we’re probably the least qualified people to answer this question! However, we’re going to try on today’s episode of Off the 56 where we cover the best neighborhoods for singles in San Diego.

Downtown San Diego should probably be at the top of the list. There are lots of fun neighborhoods downtown like the East village, the Gaslamp District, which has the most vibrant nightlife in all of San Diego, and Little Italy. Little Italy also has some really fun restaurants and bars, and they’re all very walkable. The average rent in downtown San Diego is around $2,200 a month. So not the most expensive, not the cheapest, but they have a lot of options.  A one bedroom will probably cost you around $1,700-1,800 a month and it goes up from there. 

Next on our list is Pacific Beach, which is probably the mecca of single people here in San Diego. Let me just preface this by saying that families live there, singles live there, everyone can live there! But if I was single or if I had moved to San Diego when I was in my early twenties, I probably would have moved to Pacific Beach. It’s close to the beach, it’s got good nightlife, good restaurants, bars, it’s super walkable, and it’s one of the more affordable beach towns. It seems to have a sort of vibe of like, ‘I just got out of college. I’m not really ready to buy my first house yet. I just am sort of in between’. It’s one of those in between kind of places. Not that you can’t live there your whole life. It’s lovely! The median home price is around $734,000. So not super cheap, but by beach standards, that’s actually not terrible, and the average rent is just over $2,000 a month. 

Next on the list is Oceanside, not to be confused with Ocean Beach, which we’ll talk about in a little bit. The median home price in Oceanside is about $565,000, which is more affordable. Median rent is just below $2,000. So, it’s a beach town beach that you can live in where the cost is a little bit lower than La Jolla or Del Mar or something like that. Oceanside also has some nice restaurants, nice beaches. There’s one restaurant, Stratford at the Harbor, which is a really cool place to go on like dates and that sort of thing too. Oceanside is actually located on the very tip of North County, San Diego. So that’s probably one of the reasons why it’s a little bit more affordable. It’s a little bit tucked away. But if you’re looking to be by the beach, Oceanside is a good, slightly more affordable place to be here in San Diego. 

Next up, we have Hillcrest which is so cute. It’s Northwest of Balboa Park. The homes are really different and neat. There are little bungalows, small Craftsman-style homes, and larger homes too – overall it has a really neat vibe. It’s not a community of tract homes. It’s got so much character! The median home price is about $500,000. It can go much higher than that though. There are a lot of townhomes and condos in the area, too. Hillcrest has some really, really cute little spots, great restaurants, shops, and boutiques. They also have a lot of breakfast places like Breakfast Republic, Snooze, and more. Overall, it’s a highly walkable community and super popular with single people.

Last, but not least on our list is Ocean Beach, which is located near Point Loma and Mission Beach. If you’re familiar with Los Angeles and the Venice Beach area, that’s the kind of vibe Ocean Beach has. If you’re looking to live somewhere that’s a little more artsy and Bohemian, you’ll love Ocean Beach. Most people that move to Ocean Beach stay there. It’s not a jumping off point or an in-between move. People fall in love with that community – and for good reason. They have a lot of good restaurants and you’re right near the beach. There’s even a dog beach there. The median home price in Ocean Beach is around $707,000 and rent is about $1,900 a month. So, it’s fairly reasonable, especially as a single person, to live there and be so close to the beach. 

Before we wrap up, it should be said that if you’re single and a bit older, you might also enjoy life in Del Mar or Carmel Valley. They’re both wonderful communities, though home prices and rent are a little bit more expensive. They both have decent nightlife, but it tends to cut off by 10 o’clock. It’s not really for the 21-year-old as the bars and the restaurants close down. However, if you want to live in a friendly community with great community amenities close to the beach, definitely check out Del Mar and Carmel Valley.

So that’s our list of the best neighborhoods for singles in San Diego! Hopefully you guys found that useful and if you’re ever moving to San Diego, we’d love to help you find your next home!

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