Today on Off the 56 we’re in the city of Poway to interview the owners of the new Beer Garden called The Hop Stop. The owners, Mark and Rebecca Saldivar, are two locals that actually live in Poway,so we’re going to try some of the food, some of the beer, and see what it’s all about – so let’s take a look!

Mark Saldivar (MS): Three years ago, Rebecca and I were at the Great American Beer Festival, I just had this idea we should open up a tasting room, a small one I said. One thing led to another and here we are now three years later with an open business, serving the community. In the middle of COVID-19! Though there were a lot of roadblocks to get here.

Rebecca Saldivar (RS): I’m the beer girl, I’m trying to broaden the scope of beers in Poway. I’m always thinking of beers that I’ve heard are fantastic or beers that I know are just not in Poway to bring here. I keep mental notes of what I see at different places around here, so I make sure to pick something different.

Chase, our Kitchen Consultant, used to work with me when I was bartending over at the Cork and Craft. He left to open up his own consulting business, we snagged him, and we scored! He’s been fantastic and he kind of curated the menu for us. Mark had a really awesome idea of a chimichanga brat, and that’s been selling like crazy!

MS: All the sauces Chase makes are kind of incredible. That’s the key piece, they’re not just off the shelf, he makes a lot of these. I think that’s the one thing we wanted for the Hop Stop sauce, we wanted a sauce that makes people come back. We call that the “comeback” sauce, I think what we did, too, was we wanted menu items that would appeal to the kids. Most families in our opinion, always lean toward where the kids want to go. My number #1 thing is “make sure they have beer, and I’ll be fine”.

RS: [Since we opened] it’s been awesome, way more than we ever expected. We knew our friends would come a lot. We have a lot of friends, I realized! But just the support in the Poway community has been fantastic! I have regulars now like this gentleman Richard, he’s amazing. He comes out every day in a Hop Stop hat or Hop Stop shirt. The community has just embraced us so we are incredibly lucky. That’s what we wanted and now that’s the reality, so it’s really cool!

I hope you’ll check out The Hop Stop this winter and let me know what you think!

Aside from the chimichanga brat, the Hop Stop also has wings, fries, salads, burritos, sandwiches, pizza, mac & cheese, burgers, and more on their menu. They also have a special kid’s menu for the little ones! They have an excellent beer list with a ton of local beers on tap like offerings from Burgeon Beer, Bagby Beer, Saint Archer, Newtopia Cyder, and more. Click here to check out what they have on tap right now. You can also book an event at their space! Know another local business that opened or is opening Off the 56? Or an organization in the community that could use a little extra love during the pandemic and would love to be featured on the channel? Let me know – I am always looking for new people to interview on Off the 56!

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