Copa Vida Coffee in San Diego

Copa Vida Coffee in San Diego

If you’re a coffee lover, you’ll definitely want to stick around for this episode of Off The 56! Join me as I meet with co-owner, Steve Chang, of local coffee shop, Copa Vida.

Steve Chang was kind enough to sit down with us today and talk about his beautiful new space in the Carmel Mountain area of North County. Copa Vida was started seven years ago in Pasadena, California and quickly gained its popularity. Since the opening of the first shop, Copa Vida has expanded to seven locations and a roasting facility all located in Southern California.

After leaving his family business, Passport Food Group, Chang began his journey in the coffee industry. He says he “used coffee as an excuse to travel the world.” And I could not be more jealous of his learning adventure! After traveling to every coffee capital in the U.S. and to countries like Italy, Spain, France, and Costa Rica, Chang knew what he wanted for his very own coffee shop. Click here to learn more about the history of Copa Vida.

Steve Chang took his vast knowledge of coffee and incorporated his prior experience of the food industry into his new endeavor. Copa Vida has a delicious menu that is a step above what most coffee shops have to offer. Whether you’re in the mood for avocado toast, chilaquiles, or a hearty breakfast burrito, stop by Copa Vida and enjoy a delicious breakfast or lunch with your cup of joe.

Want to check out more coffee spots Off the 56? Click here to check out a past tour I did of five coffee shops located along the 56 freeway.

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Living in Cardiff by The Sea

Living in Cardiff by The Sea

Today on Off the 56, we’re taking a tour of the beachside community, Cardiff by The Sea. Let’s go!

Our first stop on our tour is Seaside State Beach in Cardiff. This beautiful beach is known for its white sandy beaches, beautiful cliffs, and great surfing! In fact, the surfing is so great it attracts famous San Diego surfers like Rob Machado, who lives locally. Seaside Beach is also known for its expansive tide pools that can keep kids and adults alike entertained for hours! The tide pools are full of a variety of sea creatures and plants you may have never seen before in the wild. And the famous California Explorer State Park Pass is accepted at Seaside State Beach too! (We love easy parking in SoCal!)

Up next is Cardiff State Beach. And it isn’t a trip to Cardiff Beach without a visit to the Cardiff Kook, who is celebrating his 50th year at the beach! The Cardiff Kook is a controversial statue of a surfer that’s attracted a cult following over the years who love to dress him up in “kooky” outfits! Cardiff Beach is another beach where you can use your California Explorer State Park Pass, but the parking lot (and the beach) is on the smaller side, so you may have to resort to street parking on busy summer days.

Behind Cardiff State Beach are the San Elijo State Beach Campgrounds. This is a highly coveted camping park that sits right off the sand. You can tent camp or RV camp here and wake up to the sound of waves. If you want to camp here, be sure to reserve your spot ahead of time, as it usually books at full capacity! Spots are usually opened six months in advance. Pro tip: if you don’t get a spot, be sure to check back often, as you may be able to take advantage of a cancellation!

Courtney and I both agree Cardiff is a very traditional beach town. Most homes have full or peek ocean views! Residents in this community tend to be avid beachgoers and surfers. Although it is close to Encinitas and many other North County San Diego neighborhoods, Cardiff has a special, close-knit vibe that sets it apart.

Last on our list is Seaside Market! Seaside is well known among locals for its tri-tip, which is popularly referred to as “Cardiff Crack”, because it is just that good! Seaside Market is also known for its impressive desserts and pastries, fresh seafood, and delicious to-go sides you must try.

There are also lots of great restaurants in the area, including Pipes Café, Fish 101, Las Olas, and The Chart House just to name a few. And of course, we couldn’t do a neighborhood tour without stopping for a donut! In Cardiff, we love VG Donut, which has been in business since 1969, and is definitely worth a stop when you’re in the area! Aside from their outstanding donuts, they also sell cookies, pastries, and cake.

Are you loving the San Diego community of Cardiff by The Sea? If you’re interested in moving to Cardiff or another North County neighborhood, give me a call! Let’s chat about what neighborhood is right for you.

22 Fun Facts About San Diego

22 Fun Facts About San Diego

Today on Off the 56 we’re doing something a little different. I thought it would be fun to test Courtney’s knowledge about San Diego County. All twenty-two of the San Diego facts I quizzed her on are listed below, but you’ll need to watch the video for the answers!

  1. Is it illegal to shoot jack rabbits from the back of a streetcar in San Diego?
  2. What is the top employer in San Diego?
  3. What pop singer owns a 5.5 acre avocado farm in San Diego?
  4. What lubricant product for squeaky doors was created in San Diego?
  5. What horror movie was filmed in the Rancho Peñasquitos community?
  6. What well-known skater has a day named after him on May 29th?
  7. True or False: The City of San Diego has never won an NBA title or Superbowl?
  8. What well-known Charlie’s Angel was born in San Diego in 1972?
  9. The Country’s first drive-in was started in San Diego. What was it called?
  10. What is the name of the County’s (and Country’s!) largest wooden structure?
  11. San Diego was home to everyone’s favorite wacky children’s author, Theodor Geisel, who was also known as?
  12. The San Diego Zoo was supposedly shown in the 2004 Will Ferrell movie, Anchorman. Where were those scenes actually shot?
  13. What well-known punk band grew up in the city of Poway?
  14. San Diego is home to the oldest, active sailing ship. What is its name?
  15. What San Diego County city is the avocado capital of the world?
  16. What San Diego roller coaster is a historic landmark?
  17. San Diego has more of these insects than any other city?
  18. In the 1930s, La Jolla had a group of tiny houses that actors from this movie lived in. What was the name of the film?
  19. True or False: San Diego has sent more shows to Broadway than any other city.
  20. Where is the longest zip line in California located?
  21. What San Diego city is nicknamed the “Jewel of San Diego?”
  22. What is the name of the San Diego Padre’s mascot?

So how did you do? Let us know how many facts you got right in the comments below!

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