Sweet Treats Truck Stop Opens in Rancho Penasquitos

Sweet Treats Truck Stop Opens in Rancho Penasquitos

The Sweet Treats Truck Stop recently parked in Rancho Penasquitos and has been welcomed to the community with open arms! If there’s one thing the community has been lacking, it’s a dessert café stocked with delicious, sweet treats. I sat down with Jennifer Saint, who owns the Sweet Treats Truck Stop with her husband, Chris, to get the inside scoop on their new shop.

Jennifer and Chris have owned and operated the Sweet Treats Dessert Catering Trucks since 2008, but decided to open a physical storefront after looking for somewhere to manufacture their Wicked Licks bars. They decided to open a location in Rancho Penasquitos since they live in the area.

The Sweet Treats Truck Stop offers a variety of delectable menu items. Sweet Treats sources a lot of their desserts from small, local bakeries. On any given day, you can walk in and enjoy treats from their dessert display case that represent the work of four to five local bakers. Jennifer explained that it helps the bakers get their signature product out to the world and helps them grow their own business – we absolutely love seeing this type of community support on Off the 56!

The most popular item on the dessert menu is their cookie shots, which consist of a cookie “shot glass” with a shot of milk inside. So you can have your milk and cookie at the same time! Other popular items on the menu include the decadent stuffed cookies, which are made by Seaside Sweets. Currently, there’s a chocolate chip cookie stuffed with a brownie, a funfetti cookie stuffed with a Fruity Pebble rice krispy treat, and a red velvet cookie stuffed with a brownie…this is definitely what sweet dreams are made of! They also have other items on the menu like apple streusel rolls, flourless chocolate cake, and more.

But the main attraction at the Sweet Treats Truck Stop is definitely the Wicked Licks bars. Based on the old 50/50 dream bars, Jennifer said their goal was to take the concept and elevate it with better flavors. They offer gelato, sorbetto, and a 50/50 gelato sorbetto bar. To order, you start by picking the flavor bar you want and then you can pick the dip, drizzle, dusting, and toppings you want to create your own custom dessert! Mango sorbetto is one of their most popular flavors and they currently have a limited edition cotton candy gelato flavor. They also offer classic choices like strawberry, peanut butter, chocolate, raspberry, and more.

The Sweet Treats Truck Stop is open Tuesday through Sunday from 12-8pm in the Rancho Penasquitos Town Center off Black Mountain Road. You can learn more about the shop and book their dessert catering trucks for your next event by visiting their website here. And make sure you give them a follow on Facebook and Instagram to see the latest treats!

Have you been to the Truck Stop yet? Leave me a comment below with your favorite item on the menu. I’m already looking forward to making a return trip! Maybe I need to do a dessert challenge like my coffee shop challenge – what do you think?

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