The 5 Best San Diego Coffee Shops Off the 56

The 5 Best San Diego Coffee Shops Off the 56

Top 5 Coffee Shops off the 56

​San Diego is full of amazing coffee shops. A few weeks ago, we asked our followers on Facebook to share their favorite places to grab a cup of coffee Off the 56. We had a ton of comments – and saw a bunch of the same San Diego coffee shops coming up over and over again! And basically, I really like coffee, and people really like top five lists so, I thought, might as well put those two together.

In the video below, we set out to try your top five San Diego coffee spots and document the results. Warning: five coffees in three hours is just a little too much!! 0/10 would not recommend.

We covered a lot of territory on this vlog, but to recap we visited Mostra Coffee, House of Black (Hob) Coffee, Bad Ass Coffee, Philz Coffee, and Bird Rock Coffee Roasters.

At Mostra Coffee, Ollie got the regular latte and I got the Campfire latte, which definitely taste like a s’more. I really liked this drink. Founded in 2013 by San Diego natives, Mostra bills itself as an artisan, micro-roasting company that tries to always serve the highest-grade specialty coffee. “Mostra” is an Italian word for show, exhibit, or performance. The owners feel that this word perfectly describes their vision to bring innovative and unique flavors to their customers. Mostra does have wifi and lots of tables if you’re looking for a place to get some work done. It can be a little loud though so it may be better as spot to just meet a friend and catch up over coffee!

Our next stop on the list, House of Black Coffee, is located in Sabre Springs. Voted one of San Diego’s favorite coffee shops in the 2018 U-T Reader’s Poll, Hob offers a variety of coffee including fair trade, direct trade, and organic. They strive to serve only the freshest coffee to their customers. I got the King Slayer, which is made of espresso, agave, and cinnamon milk. Ollie again got the latte. Both drinks were definitely fresh!

At Bad Ass Coffee, I got the Mocha. Originally from Hawaii, Bad Ass Coffee is located in Rancho Penasquitos, but still serves premium coffee from Maui, Oahu, and Kauai. They also serve 100% Kona coffee. They get their name from the humble donkey that’s in their logo.  The owners write, “The native people of Kona named these hard-working donkeys ‘The Bad Ass Ones’ because of their reliably strong, but stubborn nature in carrying the world’s richest coffee. We like to think that there’s a little Bad Ass attitude in every bean we roast and every cup we brew for our customers.” The coffee (and the barristas) were definitely Bad. Ass.

Philz Coffee is another franchise, but they only have a few locations in San Diego. Their shop in Carmel Valley’s Del Mar Highlands Town Center, inside the vacated Taverna Blu spot, is their newest in San Diego County. The most popular drink on the menu is easily the Mint Mojita, so I gave that a try. Ollie got the Tesoro. Both of our drinks were great!

Last, but not least, we stopped at Bird Rock Coffee Roasters in Torrey Pines. Facing the lagoon and ocean, this spot has unbeatable views and ambiance. Parking can be a bit tricky and this shop is usually busy, but they do have wifi and tables if you want to get some work done. I got the horchata and Ollie got the cappuccino. Bird Rock Coffee is a local San Diego company that now has a couple locations across the county.

Have you tried all five San Diego coffee shops on this list? Which one is your favorite? What drink do you recommend? Leave us a comment below! We might need to go back for round two…but definitely not all in the same day!

I also want you to vote for your favorite below to see which coffee shop is voted The Best San Diego Coffee Shop Off the 56!

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Not to sway you in any way, but I left my vote out until we see the results!

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